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Drafted DIVIDE is partnered with Drafted, my fansite for Laguna. It covers the other half of FFVIII's story, and my actual favorite character.

Bomshell Sophia's dedication to Quistis is nothing short of stunning. I've mentioned on this site that the other party members in FFVIII are largely pushed to the side in favor of Squall and Rinoa's development, and Quistis is perhaps the best example: she gets a strong introduction, but it falls off after that. Sophia explores this in depth, and shines a light on what makes Quistis who she is. Don't miss the fascinating exploration of the world's magic, either. A must-visit site.

Interested in affiliating? I'm open to affiliating DIVIDE with Final Fantasy character tributes of a similar size and focus. Bonus points for FFVIII, but I'm open to anything from the series given the declining number of fansites these days. If you're interested, just contact me.

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Unfortunately, there aren't as many FFVIII sites as there used to be, but the ones remaining are all of excellent quality. I've been visiting (and admiring) these sites for years, and I highly recommend you give them a visit.

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